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Converter K/E - Escooter 45 km/h - 26 Ah - STVO luminous red

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He changes everything.

Your eScooter. Designed in Germany.


For the last 2.5 years we have dealt with all manufacturers of two-wheeled electromobility in Germany as retailers. And we have learned. Learned what the needs of you as our customers are, learned what grievances there are in product quality, range promises and sheer marketing... Things that disappointed you as a customer.


That's why the power plant E "converter K/E" changes everything. We designed this vehicle for you. We assemble component by component for you, check the quality from the smallest screw to the brake system and so only 100% checked and tested vehicles leave our production facility in Reichenbach, Saxony. Our converter K/E is built for your needs with an extremely high fun factor. Convinced?


Whether in the city, in the country, off the beaten track or on the beach - our K/E converter is convincing all along the line! With the low-maintenance 1500W hub motor, you're not only fast on the road, the 26 Ah lithium-ion battery also lets you ride 65 km and in just 2 hours you can continue with a full battery. Convinced now?


The fully hydraulic brakes (front and rear) from eBikes Sport brake you confidently at any time. The foldable handlebars and removable seat allow the converter K/E to find its place in any station wagon or camper. So now you're convinced?


The color of this model is bright red.


Attention: for the 45km/h variant you need a moped or car driver's license. The vehicle is subject to compulsory helmets.


The 20 km/h variant will also appear in summer 2022!

  • Kostenloser Versand

    Bei uns bezahlst du keine Versandkosten. Wir senden dir den Wandler K/E kostenfrei vor deine Haustür.

  • Verpackungsmaße deines eScooter

    140cm x 32cm x 66 cm sind die Kartonmaße für deinen eScooter Wandler K/E.

  • Rückgabebedingungen

    Du hast unseren Wandler K/E bekommen und er gefällt dir nicht? Die Widerrufsbedingungen entnimmst du unseren AGBs.

    Zu den AGBs 
  • Versandkostenstaffelung Ersatzteile (DHL)

    Standard 0kg-2kg / 2-4 Werktage / 5,49€

    Standard 2kg - 5kg / 2-4 Werktage / 6,99€

    Standard 5kg - 10kg / 2-4 Werktage / 9,49€

    Standard 10kg - 31kg / 2-4 Werktage / 16,49€

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